Business Personal Property (BPP) Tax Services

Anyone who owns tangible property that is used in the course of running their business must file a Business Personal Property (BPP) rendition every year by April 15 for personal property owned on January 1. BPP includes any movable non-real property used to produce income, which includes office furniture, manufacturing equipment, business inventory and any other tangible items. Many business owners overlook BPP filings, which can be an expensive mistake that can cost you a 10% penalty on top of taxes due.

Our team of tax professionals understand Business Personal Property (BPP) and have the knowledge and experience to help you reduce your tax liability. Not only will we file your rendition, we will protest the valuation to help you save money on taxes.

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Types of Business Personal Property

Please note that only tangible property is taxable, so while appraisal districts will encourage you to render the entire value of items, such as computers with software, the tangible taxable value must be separate form the intangible non-taxable value. Our team will help separate the value of tangibles and intangibles to help reduce your tax liability.

Common examples of business personal property include:

Business Inventory

Office furniture and fixtures

Office and warehouse equipment and machines

Computers and Servers


Any equipment used in manufacturing, processing or mining