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Property Tax Reduction Service

Our team will protest your property’s tax assessment every year to save you money on your property tax bill.

We will handle the entire process on your behalf from start to finish.

Average Appraisal Reduction

Based on successful property tax protests in 2023.

Clients Receiving a Reduction

Based on tax appraisal reductions for all clients in 2023.

Property Specialties

We help clients with all types of residential properties lower their taxes all across the State of Texas.

Single Family Homes


Vacation Homes

Rental Properties


2023 Case Studies

Check out real examples of our work in action. These are case studies featuring just a few of our 2023 property tax reductions.

20719 E Sandhill Dr
Galveston, TX
We Saved the Owner $9,747.60 in Property Taxes

11224 Wilding Ln
Houston, TX
We Saved the Owner $6,377.55 in Property Taxes

8308 Calera Dr
Austin, TX
We Saved the Owner $29,405.46 in Property Taxes

112 Cleary Ct
Southlake, TX
We Saved the Owner $8,690.02 in Property Taxes

236 Seaside DR
Port Aransas, TX
We Saved the Owner $15,075 in Property Taxes

4201 Churchill Downs Dr
Austin, TX
We Saved the Owner $52,711 in Property Taxes

Our Tax Protest Process

We take an aggressive approach to protesting your property taxes during all levels of the protest process. We utilize every legal avenue available in order to get you the best result. Our team attends all hearings and proceedings on your behalf, presenting only the best evidence to support a reduction.

Informal Hearing

Informal Hearing

During the preliminary stages of the protest process, our consultants speak with the appraisal district staff to determine if we can settle on a new property value which is favorable to our client.

ARB Formal Hearing

ARB Formal Hearing

If we are unable to get a tax reduction during the informal process, we will attend a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).  During the hearing, our consultant will present a compelling case to reduce your taxes, backed by data gathering from our proprietary tools.

Judicial Appeals

Judicial Appeals

If we do not feel the informal or ARB hearings resulted in a fair outcome, we can proceed to binding arbitration or litigation, depending on what is best for the client and how aggressively they would like us to fight their taxes.  We will consult with the client individually prior to this stage.


Why should I hire a tax consultant to fight my property taxes?2023-10-24T20:51:01+00:00

For the same reason you hire an attorney to represent you in court or a CPA to help you with your income taxes, you should hire a property tax consultant to protest your property taxes.  Our team of experts have intimate knowledge of property valuation methods, local tax laws, and appraisal district procedures.  Since our compensation is based on our performance, we are motivated to do the best job possible year after year!

How is Gill, Denson & Company different than its competitors?2023-10-24T20:49:47+00:00

We are a boutique property tax firm that spends more time and resources per client than our competitors. Our goal is to build a relationship with our client, so we can best serve them. In addition, we employ a custom tailored strategy to help lower your property taxes, rather than using a mass appeal approach like many other companies. We are not interested in accepting a minimal reduction like many companies do; our team’s primary mission is to accomplish the best reduction possible.

In which counties do you offer your services?2023-03-08T18:43:35+00:00

We offer our property tax protest services to commercial & residential properties in all 254 Texas counties. This means you can work with one company for all your Texas properties. Our experienced team maintains close relationships with local appraisal offices. We also understand the local market dynamics that influence your property tax appraisal, enabling our tax consultants to provide the best arguments to help lower your taxes.

How much does your service cost?2024-04-05T13:44:01+00:00

We are paid based on performance, so our interests are aligned with our clients. We charge clients a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the property taxes we actually saved them from our property tax protest process. If we don’t actually save you money, our contingency fee is zero. This means our team is motivated to work as hard as possible to maximize your savings.

For more details, visit our transparent pricing page on our website.

Can I see examples of your recent work?2023-03-08T18:44:53+00:00

Absolutely!  We take pride in our work and would love to show you some recent examples of our work.  Please visit the case studies page on our website.

What are my odds of successfully reducing my taxes if I sign up?2024-03-12T19:41:38+00:00

We had a more than 80% success rate of obtaining a reduction for our clients during the 2023 property tax protest season. While we cannot guarantee reduction results, we can share important average statistics from our past work. You can check out our residential, commercial, case studies and blog to view more detailed statistics.

We advise you to be cautious with property tax protest providers that calculate estimated savings instantly or give you an estimate before actually researching your property. We view your property as more than another input into a mass algorithm. The reason you have to appeal your taxes in the first place is due to errors in mass algorithms. We are interested in carefully uncovering all the relevant details about your property to build a strong case to present to the appraisal district, which takes more time than an initial consultation.

How do I sign up?2023-03-08T18:45:38+00:00

Signing up with us typically only takes a few minutes!  You can sign up online via the get started page on our website.

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