Should I Protest My Texas Property Taxes Every Year?

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 Here’s what you need to know about protesting your Texas property taxes every year:

  • Texas property tax bills are often higher than they should be because counties use mass appraisal methods, leading to inaccurate property valuations.
  • Consider protesting your property taxes annually since various factors can influence changes in your assessed value each year.
  • Even if your property’s assessed value is lower than its market value, there could be opportunities to lower your tax bill during the protest process.
  • When you sign up with Gill, Denson, & Company, our team of experts will automatically help protest your property taxes annually.

Why Should I Protest My Property Taxes?

The county appraisal district (CAD) typically assesses properties yearly through mass appraisals, often using incorrect or outdated data. Your property’s assessed value is multiplied by the county tax rate to determine your tax bill. If the county overestimates the assessed value, your property taxes could end up higher than they should be. Protesting property taxes can protect your home from overvaluations by presenting compelling evidence of incorrect valuation. Gill, Denson, & Company uses a custom, in-depth approach to lowering your taxes every year.

Do I Really Need to Protest Every Year?

Yes, you should protest your property taxes every year because CADs usually re-assess every year. Several factors could affect your assessed value from year to year, such as a change in market value, changes in the neighborhood, or additions and improvements to the property. These things may happen throughout the year and go unnoticed until you’re surprised with your bill. Take a proactive approach with Gill, Denson, & Company, and our experts will automatically file a protest on your behalf annually.

Year Assessed Value Tax Rate Tax Bill Before Protest Protest Reduction Tax Bill After Protest Annual Savings
2023 $300,000 2.5% $7,500 10% $6,750 $750
2024 $325,000 2.5% $8,125 10% $7,312.50 $812.50
2025 $400,000 2.5% $10,000 10% $9,000 $1,000
2026  $500,000 2.5% $12,500 10% $11,250 $1,250

The example above demonstrates the potential savings from protesting your Texas property taxes annually. Notice how fast your tax bill could increase with just a few market value changes, nearly doubling in 3 years. The savings shown are based on successful annual protests resulting in a 10% decrease in property value. Your actual savings typically vary each year and could be even greater, so it’s best to let a professional review your case to benefit from maximum savings.

What If My Property Value Is Already Lower Than I Could Sell It For?

Even if your property is valued lower than its potential sales price, there may still be opportunities to reduce your taxes. Our team uses multiple strategies to protest your property valuation, including finding unfair valuations compared to neighbors and looking at large repairs and deferred maintenance. With an 83% success rate in reducing property taxes for our clients in 2022, we have a proven track record of identifying effective savings opportunities.

Can I Hire Gill, Denson & Company to Protest My Property Taxes Annually?

Gill, Denson, & Company offers property tax protest services to commercial & residential properties statewide in all 254 Texas counties. We’ll proactively work on all your properties each year unless you ask us not to. Our team files the protest, performs all research, requests county evidence, and negotiates informally with the appraisal district.

Visit for more info and to view case studies of a few of our successful residential and commercial property tax reductions. Then sign up to get started and ensure you never overpay again!

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