When is the Deadline to File a Property Tax Protest?

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 Here’s what you need to know about filing a property tax protest in Texas:

  • Counties may incorrectly value properties through mass methods, leading to higher property taxes, but homeowners have the right to protest.
  • The deadline to file is May 15th or 30 days after receiving the Notice of Appraised Value, whichever is later.
  • You may file late in very rare situations if you meet certain requirements, but these protests are not always successful.
  • Never miss a deadline or pay more property taxes than you should when you sign up with Gill, Denson, & Company.

Why Is It Important to File a Property Tax Protest?

Protesting your property tax appraisal can lower the assessed value and reduce your overall tax burden. Most Texas county appraisal districts determine property values yearly through mass appraisal methods, often based on outdated or incorrect data. This can lead to errors that raise your property taxes higher than they should be. However, you have the right to file a protest and present your case through an informal conference or formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).

When Is the Deadline to File?

The deadline to file your property tax protest is May 15th, or 30 days after the Notice of Appraised Value is delivered, whichever is later. The deadline is pushed to the following business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday. Get a headstart and avoid missing the deadline by signing up early with the experts at Gill, Denson, & Company.

What Happens If I Miss the Deadline?

In rare instances, late protests may be allowed if your property has been significantly overvalued. You may file a 25.25.d protest if your property is over-appraised by one-third for non-homestead residences or by one-fourth for homestead residences. It must be filed by December 31st of that tax year, taxes must be paid on time, and you cannot have completed a protest for the same year already. Proof of overvaluation is required before a hearing is even granted, and success in these cases is not common. That’s why we highly encourage you to be proactive in signing up early with us to increase your chances of receiving the maximum reduction.

Can I Protest Previous Tax Years?

You may also file a 25.25c protest to re-open the appraisal roll up to four tax years in the past to correct clerical errors on your property. This protest does not address disagreements on the opinion of value, only to correct miscalculations or exemption issues.

How Can I Prepare for Next Year?

When you sign up with Gill, Denson, & Company, we file a protest for all your properties on your behalf – annually. We’ll conduct research and prepare evidence to negotiate a reduction in your property taxes. If we determine you’re unlikely to receive a reduction informally, we may withdraw the protest before the formal ARB hearing or agree to a “no-change” in value. Last year, we helped 83% of our clients save money by lowering their property taxes. You won’t ever have to worry about missing a deadline or having a higher tax burden than you should.

If you suspect an inaccurate property valuation, don’t hesitate to reach out today and let Gill, Denson, & Company file a property tax protest on your behalf!

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