Why Should I Hire a Property Tax Consultant to Protest My Taxes?

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 Here’s what you need to know about hiring a property tax consultant to protest your taxes:

  • Protest your property taxes to ensure you’re not overpaying by challenging the county’s appraisal value, which can be overinflated due to mass appraisal methods.
  • Hire a property tax consultant to navigate the protest process smoothly and increase your chances of reducing your tax bill.
  • Gill, Denson, & Company tailors custom protest strategies to maximize potential savings, successfully reducing the tax bills for 83% of our clients.

Why Do I Need to Protest My Property Taxes At All?

County appraisal districts (CADs) typically assess properties yearly through mass appraisal methods, often using incorrect or outdated data. The assessed value is used to calculate property taxes, so mistakes in the county’s methods can lead to an overinflated tax bill for you. Protesting your property taxes protects your home from over-taxation by presenting compelling evidence of an incorrect valuation. Even if your tax appraisal value is lower than the potential sales price, there are other strategies to reduce your tax bill by protesting.

Why Should I Hire a Property Tax Consultant?

Just as you would hire an attorney for a court case or a CPA for income taxes, you should hire a property tax consultant to protest your property taxes. They’re experts in the relevant tax codes and have extensive experience finding optimal tax-reduction strategies. The protest process can be overwhelming for a novice, with multiple steps and methods of presenting your case. A seasoned professional has the confidence and negotiation skills to navigate informal and formal hearings with ease. That translates to a smoother process for you and a higher chance of success in lowering your property tax bill.

Why Work With Gill, Denson, & Company?

Gill, Denson, & Company has successfully helped 83% of our clients lower their tax burden by protesting their property taxes.  We have experience with tens of thousands of cases and saved our 2022 clients, on average, $1,309 on their property taxes. We strongly believe in helping Texans correct their unfair property values and strive to provide a service that reflects that. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when you choose to work with us:

  • Receive a personalized strategy for your protest process with us, unlike with other companies that use a mass appeal approach.
  • Achieve the best reduction possible. We search for all potential methods to maximize your savings opportunities.
  • Get statewide support, no matter where you are. We offer our property tax protest services to commercial & residential properties in all 254 Texas counties.
  • Gain peace of mind with our proven track record of success. Check out some case studies from last year to see real examples of our work.

How Does the Contingency Fee Work?

Our contingency fee is a percentage of the property taxes we save you from the property tax protest process. The percentage varies based on the number of properties in your residential portfolio and the total property value of your commercial portfolio. Let’s look at an example of how our contingency fee works:

Taxable Value Before Protest $500,000
Taxable Value After Protest  $450,000
Reduction in Taxable Value $50,000
Client Tax Savings $1,000
Our Contingency Fee $350

Client tax savings are calculated using a 2% tax rate. The contingency fee is based on a 35% rate for one residential property.

If we don’t end up saving you any money, then your contingency fee will be zero. Since we’re paid based on our savings results, our interests are always aligned with yours. We’re motivated to do the best job possible to maximize your savings year after year!

The expert property tax consultants at Gill, Denson & Company are ready to assist you with your property tax protest! Get started with our residential or commercial services today to get ahead of the 2024 protest season.

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